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My sad makeup area because I go nowhere to wear any.
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they totally make me miss having a best friend around all the time :/ 

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Anonymous: POC cant have nothing. White people want to be apart of the struggle so badly just to be able to say they oppressed.



"my black friends let me say the n-word"


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If it would suck so much to deal with her JUST as a friend then why is it such an insult for her not wanting to entertain your relationship initiation? 

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'The Best Man Wedding' Gets an Official Release Date - B. Scott | Celebrity Entertainment News, Fashion, Music and Advice




No……. The 2nd one wasn’t tht great n Mia died.

*looks at all the black creatives getting their scripts turned down by the folks* *looks at all the talents black actors waiting for their break, but niggas+hollywood love the same 35 recycled people*

You are not weak just because your heart feels so heavy. - Andrea Gibson, The Nutritionist (via seabois)

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